Is Barry Manilow gay? We explore it in this article.

Let’s hit the high notes and dive into the world of Barry Manilow, the music maestro whose tunes have the power to transport us right back to the heart of the ’70s and ’80s. With a career that’s as dazzling as his array of hit songs, Manilow has not only secured a spot in the pop pantheon but also sparked curiosity about the man behind the melodies. So, buckle up, music lovers! Today, we’re exploring a question that’s danced around the rumor mill for years: Is Barry Manilow gay? Get ready for a journey through the life, loves, and musical escapades of this legendary performer.

A Melodic Love Story

Manilow’s heart has always belonged to the stage, but who has captured his heart offstage? For years, Manilow’s personal life played out away from the limelight, leading many to speculate about his romantic endeavors. But here’s the scoop that turned the tide on all the whispers:

The Big Reveal: Barry and Garry

In a move that sent waves of surprise and support across the globe, Manilow opened up about his relationship with Garry Kief, his manager and partner of many decades. The duo took their vows in a private ceremony in 2014, a beautiful testament to their enduring bond. This revelation wasn’t just a love story coming to light; it was a powerful statement about Manilow’s truth and the journey to living it openly.

Relationships Before He Came Out

Before his heartwarming union with Garry, Manilow’s love life was a melody composed in the shadows. He was married to Susan Deixler and had several other long-term relationships with women. Here’s the scoop on those:

Susan Deixler: Before the lights of Broadway and the allure of hit records, Manilow found love with Susan Deixler. Their marriage in the early 1960s, although short-lived, was a significant chapter in Manilow’s young life. Despite their divorce, Manilow has spoken fondly of Deixler, reflecting on their time together as a period of youthful love and discovery.

Lorna Luft (1972 – 1974): In the early stages of his skyrocketing career, Manilow’s connection with Lorna Luft, daughter of the legendary Judy Garland, painted a picture of two artists finding solace and companionship amidst the demands of showbiz. Their relationship, spanning a couple of years, highlighted a mutual respect and admiration that extended beyond their romantic involvement.

Linda Allen (1965 – 1985): Barry’s long-standing relationship with Linda Allen spanned two decades, marking a significant portion of his life. Allen was by Manilow’s side through many of his career milestones, offering support and understanding. Their bond, enduring the complexities of fame, speaks volumes of a deep connection that transcended the conventional.

An Anthem for Advocacy?

Manilow’s music has touched hearts worldwide, but what about his stance on LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy? While Manilow has kept his activism more low-key compared to his contemporaries, his decision to publicly share his marriage story has been celebrated as a move that contributes to greater visibility and understanding. In a world that often demands loud declarations, Manilow’s approach reminds us that sometimes, it’s the quieter statements that resonate the most profoundly.

The Final Note: Is Barry Manilow Gay?

With a tale as touching as any of his ballads, the answer is yes—Barry Manilow is gay. His story is a reminder that love, much like music, knows no bounds. It’s a narrative that transcends rumors and speaks to the power of living one’s truth, even if that truth takes time to step into the spotlight.